Internet and Websites

Techknow are your Internet and Website Specialists 

Are you having trouble using the internet? Or issues with setting up features for a website that you use? Or perhaps you would like to setup your own website? Well Techknow is here to help, we can do all this and much more so if you are having issues when using the internet from anything from online banking to Facebook, ebay, Netflix, literally any internet issue we have the solutions to your problems.

We cover all sorts of Internet and Website tasks:

  • Website design
  • Issues using the internet
  • Problems with accessing websites or website features
  • How to use the internet 
  • Whats the best way for you to access the internet
  • Email trouble
  • And much moreā€¦


Get questions answered and problems solved


We'll set up your website and show you how to use it


Need help buying things online? Online purchases can be scary, The Techknow team can assist you when buying things online and show you the safe and correct way to make online purchases.


Improving your computer skills will help you to use technology more effectively so you can keep in touch with friends and family, improve your skills for work or to help with further learning.


From time to time the websites you use may not do what they are supposed to do, the Techknow teams 25+ year experience makes it the best choice for all your online issues.